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a bit about me:

My name is Theodora Stathi. Friends and family call me Dora.

Nine years ago, I decided to change the course of my  professional career.

Until then, I worked in the area of advertising and hospitality industries. Both fields need effective organizational and communication skills in various forms. I am blessed to be gifted with the above skills, whom through the years and the various work positions and environments, have been developed and improved effectively.

So, I kept all the previous experience  like a sacred book in my hands, and decided  to expand it.

At first, I wouldn't know how exactly this expansion would unfold and in what form-or forms. Due to the fact that I was able not to work for a while, I didn't had to hurry and force things to happen but instead I had the previledge of letting reveal themselves to me naturally while I was taking advantage of the valuable and precious time I had offered myself for researching, evaluating and self-reflecting.

During this journey of personal and professional self-re-discovering, I found out that an artist and a writer were "sleeping" inside of me, waiting patiently to wake them up and start creating for the world! At the same time, I realised that promoting was another powerful skill I had.

The period of educating myself had just begun! I was so happy and enthousiastic, like a child that tastes ice-cream for the first time! I was thirsty for new knowledge, now that I knew what path my professional career would follow!  I had to learn, experiment and test myself on many  levels and factors, meeting many challenges along the way.

But all the difficult moments, the huge amount of new information I had to receive and digest, the long hours of learning and testing and most of all, my will and determination to harness my innate talents, led me to the colorful, fascinating and adventurous highways of the World Wide Web on  Design,Writing and Promotion.

Today, I happily combine the above three skills and services,  offering to the world what I have learned and gained expertise at. And still learning of course because, as we all know, the learning part is an ongoing and infinite process. This fact alone though is one of the main reasons that satisfies my soul's tendency for continuous knowledge, development and further specialization.

Above all, the one thing that keeps me going is that I love what I do.

Every Day.Every moment.

Which I seriously consider as a Blessing!

Check out my Resume and Portfolio pages for more details.

It would be my pleasure to connect with you! Please go to Contact page for further information.

Thank you for your visit!

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