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"Hiking in Andros"  | Private Hiking Local Services
Hiking and walking the unique paths through the spectacular greenery, forests and waterfalls of Andros, is the best idea, if you really want to connect with the real magic of the cycladitic island, besides its amazing beaches. Josef, your tour and hiking guide, will arrange everything for you in order to create unforgettable memories! Enjoy the ride!
"The G Corner"  | Cafe & Snack Bar | Batsi, Andros GR
Are you looking for a fresh cup of excellent coffee? A delicious breakfast? Or brunch? Mmm...maybe a cocktail? Or traditional handmade loukoumades? We are just around the" G CORNER", right at the heart of Batsi, on the main square of the village! Come say hi and why not, try us? We are open all day, from 7.30 am until 1.00 after midnight!
"Woody's Crafts"  | Wooden Handmade Decoratives
Woody's Crafts are a series of 100% handmade collections with items made from wood  and other materials for home decoration and organising purposes.
"Woody's"  | Wooden Handmade Constructions & Garden Decoration

Woody's is a small family workshop that loves wood with passion! We are constantly inspired by it, as well as by the needs of our garden and the needs of our  friends. We are a workshop of creativity in collaboration and balance with the precious wood that Mother Nature generously provides us!