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"Woody's Crafts"  | Wooden Handmade Decoratives
Woody's Crafts are a series of 100% handmade collections with items made from wood  and other materials for home decoration and organising purposes.
"Woody's"  | Wooden Handmade Constructions & Garden Decoration

Woody's is a small family workshop that loves wood with passion! We are constantly inspired by it, as well as by the needs of our garden and the needs of our  friends. We are a workshop of creativity in collaboration and balance with the precious wood that Mother Nature generously provides us!
"Calliope's Powertex Art" | Handmade Decorative Sculptures | Powertex Seminars
Kalliopi Konsta is a passionate fan of Sculpture Art and Fine Arts, specifically abstract painting and mixed media techniques. Since 2012, she is offering and sharing her love and passion for  handmade sculptural decorative art and other  decorative and artistic techniques with Powertex materials. She is a Certified Powertex Master Trainer of Greece Powertex Academy.
"The Garden" | Cafe & Cocktail Bar

The Garden Cafe & Cocktail Bar was originally built in 1943 and lovingly restored to its original glory by master builder Alexandros Chrysopoulos. It is now run by his sons Dimitri and Jack, who are both serious about great beer, good food and having a great time. Combining their years of experience and a collective passion for wines,beers and cocktails, they have compiled a selection of the finest wines (local organic, greek and international), delicious mouthwatering cocktails and snacks for your enjoyment. All that's left to do is take a seat underneath the fragrant jasmine trees, enjoy your drink, relax and unwind.
"Konstantinion" Research Center of Molecular Medicine & Biotechnology
Konstantinion Research Center is an innovative multicenter of creativity, which intends to promote research, educate, and collaborate by organizing seminars and cultural events, and participating in revolutionary research programs.
"Natalia" | Organic Handmade Soaps
Natalia soaps were created by three friends who wanted to offer some authenticity and purity to every day personal hygiene. 100% biological olive oil is the main ingredient of the soaps.They are handmade. Until now,there are three kinds available: hair caring, peeling/detox and unti-cellulite.Ulltimate goal: to keep creating soaps that satisfy the needs of any fellow human around the globe.
Nikos Trousis |  Photography
Nikos is a photographer and journalist. He loves photographing people, buildings, landscapes and urban city details. He is also a fan of macro-photography. He combines journalism and photography by interviewing interesting peoples' stories and events.
Volunteer Animal Welfare Adendro, Thessaloniki
We are volunteers. We are rescuers. We love and sympathize with animals. We know that we are their voice. We recognize that we, as humans, are responsible for their well-being. We offer a part of our lives to protect and care for the stray animals of our village. : to find families that will offer a big hug, eternal care and love to our four-legged friends!